Baldness cure 2013: what is new ?

Come along with the advance of medicine, there are many new methods for baldness cure. The below-mentioned cures are the newest ones, let take a look and see how it can help.

Vampire therapy

Originally the latest beauty treatment for reversing skin ageing on the face and hands, the vampire therapy has become a potential remedy for baldness. This baldness cure 2013 involves processing the patient’s own blood in a special equipment that extracts ‘platelet-rich plasma’ (PRP) before injecting it back into the patient’s head. This solution derived from the patient’s own blood will stimulate new stem cells below the head skin that induce the regrowth of hair. The British Journal of Dermatology published a research that was conducted among 45 people suffering from alopecia areata, or major hair loss from parts or all areas of the body, especially from the scalp. The patients were given different treatments on just one part of their heads: some received the PRP; some were given a more traditional steroid treatment, while the rest just got a placebo. After three months, scientists found the PRP treatment to produce significant hair regrowth compared with the steroid treatment and placebo. This ‘vampire’ treatment is also believed to help the situation with male-pattern baldness and considered the best baldness cure 2013 apart from surgery. Nevertheless, specialists say that when combined with a hair transplant, this treatment can speed the healing process while helping transplants grow in better. The treatment alone costs around $1200 but only $450 when combined with a hair transplant.


Laser light therapy

This treatment is based on the principle that laser light stimulates the protein synthesis that is required for hair regrowth and also aids the process by increasing total blood flow to the area under treatment. The laser light therapy helps men who suffer from male-pattern baldness stop increased hair thinning; maintain the remaining hair on their scalp along with having some hair regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that as much as 80 percent of people who have received hair loss laser therapy saw significantly lower rate or complete termination of hair shredding, and 40 percent even get thicker hair. This highly regarded baldness cure 2013 generally costs $75 per session, and $1900 for a one-year package.

Hair transplantation

This is perhaps the last resort for curing baldness after all else has failed to work. Over time dramatic technological improvements have allowed doctors to take separate follicular units, or natural tufts of one to five hairs, from donor sites above the ears or at the back of the head to thinning or bald areas. On average, this surefire hair loss cure 2013 costs about $7,000 to $15,000 for a hair transplant. And apart from the surgery cost, the skills and technique of the surgeon is one critical factor to consider, for ‘artistry’ is actually indispensable to achieve the best results in hair transplantation. Baldness is definitely scary, but having a disastrous hairstyle that looks like a hairbrush for the rest of your life would be no less horrible. However, the good thing is, when the process is carried out well this solution really puts an end to the baldness nightmare and effectively restores confidence.

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